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Teams ship faster with Testim

Microsoft’s cybersecurity engineering team started with zero end-to-end tests. They quickly ramped-up Testim, creating 80 stable tests in a six-hour session. They’ve integrated Testim into their DevOps flows and transformed to a quality-driven culture.

JFrog needed faster authoring of stable end-to-end tests to keep up with their rapid feature growth and UI changes. When JFrog had a new platform release in 2020, they built 150 new Testim tests in two weeks, ensuring they met their release deadlines.

Outbrain was spending nearly a full day to create a Selenium test. This wouldn’t scale. With Testim, they decreased their UI test authoring time by 95% to 20 minutes. They reduced time spent on test automation, including maintenance, by approximately 66%.

NewsCred needed to increase their release velocity, expand test coverage and minimize maintenance. Now, Testim tests run on every pull request, catching 2-3 bugs each month before they hit production, and developer confidence is soaring.

20 min
Microsoft average to create a stable E2E test in Testim
Globality increased test coverage 30% in first 30 days
Outbrain reduced engineering time spent on test automation

What people are saying

Maor F
Senior Software Engineer

“ is a game changer for anyone who relies on automated tests”

Anibal C
Quality Assurance Analyst

“ is an amazing Automation tool, easy to use and saves a ton of time and steps”

Micah L
Co-Founder, Full Stack Developer & Designer

“Great Product! Best on the market.”

Noam R
QA Manager

“It’s an amazing product. Stable tests created in minutes & results are easily analyzed.”

Ran M
Senior Software Engineering Lead

“ – saved us time and money.”

Gilad F
Software Engineer


Francois J
Solutions Architect

“QA testing in Salesforce made easy!”

Katya A
Automation Engineer

“I believe that is present and future of automation”

Vadim D
Senior Full Stack Software Developer

“Testim IO – Total Positive experience”

“We had a change in our login flow across all our applications… your smart locators were still able to find all elements and none of the tests failed!!! I thought there would be low maintenance required, in fact, zero maintenance was involved! Astonishing!!!”

Katya Aronov
Automation Engineer

“Testim’s simple user interface makes it easy for our developers to add tests without a steep learning curve. We grew coverage by 30% in three months and found that very little maintenance is required so we can keep increasing coverage.”

Automation Engineer

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