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Customized to fit your mobile and web testing needs

Testim Mobile

Unlimited users, unlimited runs.

Test your native mobile applications using real and virtual devices

  • Test execution on local and remote devices
  • Support for third-party device grids
  • Hundreds of iOS and Android device types
  • AI-powered smart locators for increased stability
  • Low-code, recorder-based test authoring
  • Test and application management
  • Root-cause analysis visualization
  • Activity audit logs
  • Live support

Testim Web

AI-powered, end-to-end tests for web.

Advanced features for modern Agile teams testing web apps

  • Run web tests on Testim’s cloud or any Selenium Grid
  • Free local web and mobile runs from editor
  • Live support
  • Turbo mode for faster executions
  • Activity audit logs
  • Web-accessibility testing
  • Free Community plan after your trial

Community plan

Community plan

After the trial, continue to use Testim with serialized monthly web runs you can execute on Testim's cloud, local web and mobile runs from editor, and self-help resources. Limit one account per org.

Testim is SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) Type II certified, covering non-financial reporting controls related to security, availability, and confidentiality of a cloud service.

Have a question?

  • Do you offer a free plan?

    Yes, we do! For anyone who signs up for any Testim trial, when the trial is complete, it will revert to the Community free plan. The Community plan features are subject to change. There is also a limit of one Community plan per organization.

  • What are parallel tests?

    Parallelization is running tests at the same time on different machines to reduce your overall execution time. Serial test runs run sequentially rather than in parallel.

  • What is a test grid?

    A test grid is a cloud-based service that stands up multiple resources to allow for test parallelization. It can include different browser types and resolutions.

  • Is native mobile testing included with Testim?

    Yes, Testim web testing (including the Community plan) includes unlimited local mobile runs using one parallel test on a connected virtual or physical device.

    Additional mobile testing capacity using remote virtual or physical devices can be purchased by contacting us.

  • How is Testim Mobile priced?

    Testim Mobile requires a platform purchase (including one parallel test). Additional parallel tests and capabilities, such as real devices, may be purchased to meet your testing needs.

    For more information about licensing, please contact us.

  • How do you deliver your service?

    Testim and Testim Mobile are delivered as two services—an authoring service and a test execution grid. The authoring service can be accessed as SaaS using a web browser. For web testing, the browser grid is available in a public cloud or through a virtual private cloud/VPN option.

    For mobile testing, tests may be executed using locally connected devices and iOS simulators and Android emulators. Remote test execution is directly accessible in the cloud using the virtual devices using the Virtual Mobile Grid or physical devices with the Tricentis Device Cloud.

  • How do you count test runs?

    Testim is priced based on web test runs. Test runs are counted on a monthly basis. A test run is counted each time Testim executes a test on a browser or application. Local runs from the Testim test editor on browser-based applications do not count against your monthly entitlement.

    As an example, assume that an organization wants to run 100 regression tests on three browser configurations each week. This would be approximately 1200 runs per month (100 tests X 3 browsers X 4 weeks/month).

  • Do you count local test runs?

    For tests of web-based applications, local runs from the test editor do not count against your monthly entitlement. Local runs executed from the scheduler or the CLI do count against your monthly entitlement.

  • How do I see the test runs I’ve used?

    Testim customers can access their test run totals within Testim via the subscription page located at the top left corner of their account.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept check or wire transfer. Enterprise packages can include additional payment options. Contact your sales representative for more information.

  • What happens if I exceed my plan’s limits?

    Exceeding the web test run limit may result in an additional one-off charge(s) in the month consumed. Testim Mobile include unlimited runs, but you may need additional parallel tests to meet your testing needs. Contact your sales rep if this happens.

  • I need to go through our legal department.

    Contact your sales representative.

  • Can I change my plan? If so, how?

    Yes. Contact your sales representative.

  • What happens to my tests if I cancel?

    Your tests will remain in Testim for up to 30 days after you cancel. We can export your tests to JavaScript (requires a Professional plan) though additional modifications will be required to run in Selenium environments.

  • Is support included?

    Community plan support is limited to self-service through Testim documentation and the Testim Community Slack channel.
    Essentials, Pro and Mobile plans include online 24X5 chat support. Our support team typically answers chat responses in a few minutes.

    Technical support in our paid plans is managed by a professional support team that is separate from the in-app chat feature found in a free trial. For more information, contact your sales representative.

  • What security assurances do you provide?

    We have designed and developed Testim to protect and secure the data, users, and organizations that access our service. Testim maintains appropriate administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect customer data. Your sales representative can provide the following documents upon request:

    • Architectural Diagram
    • Private Grid Documentation
    • Software Development Policy
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Employee Hiring Practices Document
    • Penetration Testing Certificate
    • SOC2 Type II Report
    • Security Whitepaper
  • I have more questions...

    We’re here to help! Please contact us at [email protected]

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