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Test less, ship more.

Spend less time creating, editing, and updating UI tests and more time innovating in your app.

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The tl;dr

Spend less time testing

Write tests faster—seriously, it’s not even close. Our AI improves stability and eliminates the false test failures that break your build and waste your time.

It’s flexible, like you

Insert code into a test to run inside or outside the browser, nest reusable groups, and even refactor your tests. No other low-code solution comes close.

Supported and scalable

We’re SaaS, we have a grid, and you get support from real, live people. Reporting and change controls like PRs and code reviews are built-in, not add ons.

Cross-Browser, Parallel, Our Grid

No more guessing if it works on Safari or Firefox or struggling with your grid.


Faster Authoring

Spend more time coding your app and less time coding tests.

Accurate recordings

Add JS to any step in our Monaco-based editor, to run in or out of the browser.


While recording, Testim identifies patterns and suggests reusing groups to create cleaner tests (keep “DRY”).

Complete E2E test cases

Incorporate email confirmations, pdf, and file downloads into your use cases to simulate real user scenarios.


Code Flexibility

Got something tricky to test? Add code to any test.

JavaScript steps

Add JavaScript to any test to run in or out of the browser. Reuse JS steps across tests as standalone or within groups.

Data-driven testing

Parameterize any variable and use data from Excel, JSON, or other sources to extend your scenarios.

Custom JS Examples

Jumpstart coding with our JS examples or create your own in our Monaco editor. Share your precious with the community.


Test Stability

Stop wasting time fixing flaky tests that break when your app changes.

AI-Powered Locators

Dozens of element attributes are analyzed, weighted, and automatically locked in to keep tests stable, even when the app changes.

Dynamic filtering

Styled CSS names are mapped and filtered to ignore randomized or dynamic sections and focus on valid identifiers.


Repeated step sequences across tests are identified, and reusable groups are suggested. It's like refactoring your code.

Machine learning

Test runs inform potential stability degradations and improve the locators to reflect the current app state to prevent false failures.

“Best recorder on the market. Dynamic locators reduce flakiness and root cause analysis is super easy with Testim.”

Maor F.

Sr. Software Engineer

“Testim enabled us to scale our dev team by freeing up developers to focus on development and quality instead of maintaining/ troubleshooting tedious E2E UI automations.”

Aviad B.

Engineering Team Lead


Run, manage, report

In the cloud, on our grid, with insights to help you scale smarter.


Run locally or on our grid, in parallel, and cross-browser—from your CI or our built-in scheduler. Run sanity tests in Turbo mode for faster feedback on code commits.

Root Cause Analysis

Comparison screenshots at every step, indicators on the failed step, console and network logs parsed and ready.


Understand the status of your release, not just whether a test passed. Get insights on recurring failures and trends.


A few other favorite features of developers.

API tests

Call server APIs from your UI tests.

Network Mocking

Built-in. Easy. Customizable.

Web Accessibility

WCAG and more checks built-in.


Test branches synched to your code.

3-Way Merges

Pick test changes to merge with diffs.

Pull Requests

Get experts to review changes.

Dev Tools Integrations

To GitHub, CI, Jira, Slack and more.


Run regression suites on Tuesdays.

Test Status

Tell the CI how to react to test failures.

Chat support

24/6 with a real person to unstuck fast.

Audit Logs

Accountability and security.

No lock-in

Take your tests (as code) to other platforms.

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