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A New Day for Testim and Tricentis—and for developers and agile teams

I’m Oren Rubin, CEO and Founder of Testim. About seven years ago, I set out to build a test automation…

By Testim,

I’m Oren Rubin, CEO and Founder of Testim.

About seven years ago, I set out to build a test automation platform to address the two biggest bottlenecks to faster releases (which I witnessed firsthand): slow test authoring and flaky tests. I was tired of everyone fixing flaky tests and knew there had to be a better way of keeping tests stable. I checked with other companies, and everyone suffered like us.

Our product’s evolution

We started with a few brilliant engineers in Israel. Some of our earliest design priorities included: building it as SaaS, making it easy to use while maximizing flexibility for developers to add code, and applying artificial intelligence and the latest technologies to solve the inherent instability in today’s testing.  

We’ve made a lot of progress toward those initial goals. Testim was the first test automation solution to use AI, helping to make our tests easier to write while minimizing maintenance.  We’ve created a flexible “low code” SaaS platform that people with different skill-sets can use while still giving the dev a way to add code.

Along the way, we delivered innovations, as the first testing platform that scans your tests, finds duplications, suggests reusable components, and refactors in a single click.  We’ve introduced the first auto-complete feature to suggest test steps based on existing components. We coined the term TestOps after adding capabilities to help teams scale their teams and automation projects efficiently and effectively. And last month, we released the first auto-improving locators, enabling Testim to improve tests before they break (the more you run your tests, the more stable they get). 

Yet, it’s more than product

We grew fast, expanded internationally, added teammates (“Testlers”), improved our processes, and scaled to support our growing customer base. We discovered and built our culture around collaboration, dedication, and fun.

We enhanced our Community offering and added a Startup plan enabling smaller companies to use Testim for free. We’re proud of our amazing customers and how they’ve transformed their applications and QA processes, delivering innovative applications at world-class quality.  

It wasn’t always easy. Early on, I decided to move to the United States to help drive our expansion. We worked crazy hours, were nearly out of money, and I even lived on friends’ couches. It’s how I met my wife, but that’s a story for another time. 

Today, I’m pleased to announce an exciting milestone in Testim’s journey. 

Tricentis and Testim

Testim has done a great job of helping customers move faster without compromising quality. Yet, our vision extends beyond making UI or end-to-end tests better—to help customers in all aspects of software quality. We could do that by building out our technology and expanding to adjacent spaces, or we could partner with a leader already there. 

I’m pleased to announce that Tricentis acquired Testim. Testim strengthens Tricentis’s SaaS offerings for customers who want to adopt cloud-based testing capabilities with flexible consumption models. You can read more about the announcement in the press release

Tricentis is an established leader in continuous testing, earning a spot in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for test automation. Combined, Tricentis and Testim will deliver the industry’s most innovative products and services, helping organizations transform their digital businesses confidently and efficiently.

So, you’re probably asking what this means for you. 

Expanded Innovation 

As a developer, I’m probably most excited about accessing Tricentis’s expertise and resources to help Testim accelerate the delivery of new capabilities to address our customers’ needs. We plan to leverage the best technology across our portfolios and integrate our offerings to build world-class solutions for software quality assurance.

This isn’t a far-off vision that will take years to realize. Tricentis already offers a broad suite of complimentary SaaS-based solutions for: 

  • Test management (qTest SaaS)
  • Performance and load testing (Flood/NeoLoad SaaS)
  • Visual test generation and steering (VisionAI)
  • Cloud-based distributed test execution (Elastic Execution Grid) – in tech preview

It’s more than the convenience of one-stop shopping. We’ll quickly integrate many of these solutions, enabling a holistic approach to testing your application that covers functional and non-functional aspects, across the spectrum of planning and designing your test cases, to authoring, execution, and feedback. 

Expect greatness

Transitions often bring feelings of uncertainty. I can assure you that we will make this seamless and uneventful for our valued customers. Our business relationship will continue as usual. 

We will continue to offer support at the highest levels you’ve come to expect. We’ll also tap into the global team at Tricentis to ensure you get even better and timely access to the resources you need to be successful.

With the expansion of offerings, resources, and accelerated innovation, there’s never been a better time to be a Testim (and Tricentis) customer. 

We’ll be sharing more information about our journey in the coming weeks and months. It’s just the beginning, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do now.